Monday, 19 June 2017

Our School Tour 

We had a great time at Killinkere Pet Farm. We saw lots of animals. 

We fed goats, ducks and deers. We went on a horse ride. We played in the sandpit and at the playground. We got to hold bunny rabbits and we even got to ride in the farmer's trailer. We had so much fun!

Magnificent May
 In May  we had a visit from the Garda.We learnt all about road safety and how important it is to wear a seatbelt. We even became seatbelt Sheriff's.  
We had so much fun exploring the Garda car and van. We even got to pretend we were in jail.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Awesome April!

Room 15 were very busy in April.
We participated in a walk for water day. We had to do laps of the playground carrying water, this helped us understand the ways in which people in different parts of the world get their water. We had great fun!

In Room 15 we love doing art !

Sport fun in school !
We had our annual Sports fundraising event in April .
We got to do lots of different fun activities throughout the day! We really enjoyed them all so much! 
In Room 15 we love to be active and to keep fit! 
Our class  also raised lots of money . Well done everyone!

We got to do some yoga!
We even did some dance!
Showing off our freestyle dance moves!

Skipping and athletics time!

We got to practice our parachute and gymnastics skills!

Last but not least we got to get ICE CREAM!
Room 15's favourite part of the day!